At LSH your safety is paramount and we have put in place all necessary measures to ensure we meet and surpass Government Restrictions and Guidelines.

The below Government video shows the importance of washing your hands, wearing a face covering and maintaining space.

Our team will be operating a mix of working from home and coming into the office to reduce the numbers in the building. A member of the team will take your temperature reading as you enter and we have a large number of hand sanitisers around the building for you to use around our one way system. This will ensure we are able to meet your needs while keeping our team and community safe.

  • Coronavirus can live for more than 24 hours indoors.
  • You could pick up or pass on the virus by touching a contaminated surface.
  • Washing your hands with soap and water, or using hand sanitiser, regularly throughout the day will reduce the risk of catching or passing it on.
  • Coronavirus can be found in tiny droplets coming out of your nose and mouth.
  • Wearing a face covering over your nose and mouth reduces the spread of droplets carrying the virus. This means if you have it, you are less likely to pass it on to others.
  • Larger droplets can land on other people or on surfaces they touch. Spreading the virus through droplets is most likely to happen when you are less than 2m apart.
  • Smaller droplets called aerosols can stay in the air for some time, especially if there is no ventilation.
  • So, when you are with people not from your household, you must keep at least 2m apart.
  • The risk of spreading the virus through smaller droplets is much less outdoors, where there is more ventilation.
  • Wash your hands, cover your face, make space. These are the three most effective ways we can all control the spread of the virus.

Remember if you have any coronavirus symptoms; high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss or change in your sense of taste or smell, do not visit us at LSH. Get a free test by calling 119 or visiting NHS.uk.

Together, we will control the virus and stop the spread.

Do not forget, Hands, Face, Space.