Please follow the following guidelines and the supporting document from the HM Government Working Safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres.

  1. Enter the building through the main entrance only.
  2. Wait to have your temperature checked, this will be recorded for tracing purposes.
  3. Use the hand sanitiser provided.
  4. Surgical gloves and face masks will be provided if you are not already wearing these items. They should be worn when using the communal areas.
  5. Always keep 2m apart.
  6. Sign in the visitors’ book.
  7. Use the one-way system to access your place of work indicated by the signs and arrows around the building.
  8. All doors to be kept open and good ventilation maintained throughout the building.
  9. Do not use the lift without first consulting with the duty member of staff.
  10. Where possible one person to an office or a minimum of 2m spacings between desks. And use back-to-back or side-to-side (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible.
  11. Social distancing applies throughout the building and only one person to use the kitchen areas. These should be wiped down after use with the spray provide and kitchen towel. Towel to be placed in the bin after use.
  12. Toilets facilities to be used by only one person in each area, not each cubicle. A sign will be hung on the door so it can be turned round to indicate the state of use.
  13. Meetings should be avoided and use remote working tools like zoon where possible.
  14. If a meeting is arranged then 2m spacing will apply, with hand sanitizer provided. Doors to be kept open and keep the room well ventilated. Note: The Drill Hall maybe the best option.
  15. If Visitors need to access the building, they must pre-book and numbers will be limited at any one time.
  16. Frequent cleaning of objects such as door handles, keyboards, work surfaces, kitchen areas, toilets, printers, etc. is to be undertaken by the staff.
  17. The use of showers is by one person at a time and are to be cleaned down after use.
  18. Deliveries to the building will be through the main entrance unless too large and will be through the side entrance where sanitiser and wipes will be located to wipe down objects.

The above are guidelines in line with the Risk assessment carried and will be reviewed and amended as required.