Annie Hall, Founder of Love Made Me Weddings

Wedding Planner Annie under floral arch in Lake Como

Tell us about what you do?

I am a wedding planner and the founder of Love Made Me Weddings. We plan weddings in and around London hopefully filled with laughter, delicious food & drink, magical lighting, good music and time to spend with friends and family. I hope that my couples find themselves as involved as they would like with the planning process. We create events which are completely personal to the couple, hassle-free and enjoyable for all. The aim is to create uncomplicated weddings with them (not for them), a day that can include as many or few of the wedding traditions that they’d like, set in stunning or simple locations across London. My couples end up creating their own wedding style & celebrating their love for what it is and not what it should look like.

How has the pandemic affected you?

May 2020 was meant to be my first wedding planned in London. Previously I was an event planner in London for a year or so and before that a wedding planner in Italy on Lake Como. So, inevitably my first year of clients all postponed until 2021 and it’s now looking likely some may postpone further until 2022. It was important to me to stay positive for the couples postponing as I know that they can build up excitement for a wedding day, incomparable to anything else, so the postponement and let down can be demoralising for them. But, this was pretty tricky at the same time without a firm answer and solution to give them – which is usually the case in wedding planning; I found myself as a planner unable to plan!

Luckily I’ve been able to keep myself busy with other work projects, for example, I organised a group of wedding suppliers in London to come together and we donated a wedding worth £25k to a Timeout London prize draw-winning couple who worked for the NHS. I met with the winners last year (when restrictions allowed) and they are lovely and very hardworking so are truly worthy of the prize – we hope for this wedding to happen in October this year (fingers crossed!).

The pandemic has also affected me positively, stepping back from such a hectic lifestyle, I’ve been able to enjoy reading, walking and cooking a lot more (very cliché, I know!). Bring on a hectic, fun, busy & safe 2021 however!

Do you have a link to Scotland?

No, sadly I don’t. English through and through! But, I am loving watching Scotland in the Six Nations & last year my baby palette finally evolved to quite enjoy a whisky – so some might say I’m on my way to dual-citizenship? I am also an old school romantic so love the idea of Scottish highland castle weddings with kilts, pipers, dancing, heather etc. & of course the beautiful rugged and rural scenery that Scotland has to offer.


Wedding Planner at Beautiful Wedding in Lake Como

Favourite thing about your job/business?

The combination of organisational skills & creativity that the job involved whilst everyday meeting and working with all kinds of different and lovely people. During the weddings themselves, I love the cake cutting – we sometimes turn the music up (or ask the band to play) extra loud to create drama & excitement and the couple look at each other and take a deep breath/huge smile – perhaps this is anticipation for both the dancefloor waiting for them plus their life ahead waiting for them?

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

I was once organising a wedding on Lake Como with over 100 guests. The pressure was high as the clients were pretty particular with what they liked and the venue was pretty important too (a historic villa where a certain celebrity had married only a few years previously!). The rain had started to come down and wasn’t going to stop & the bride was not accepting her Plan B rain option location for the ceremony (under a lovely sheltered portico). If I didn’t think of a solution where the ceremony could take place in its plan A fair weather terrace overlooking the lake – the wedding would be off!

In the end I had to send the father & brother of the bride along with one of my assistants to the local town to buy as many umbrellas as possible. They came back quickly with an impressive 50 or so tourist umbrellas and the ceremony went ahead with all guests, couple & musicians sharing umbrellas… quite a sight to see but in the end the bride was happy that the ceremony had happened where she had been dreaming for the past year plus.

Wedding Planner Annie Hall holding flowers

Who inspires you?

People who take the time to listen. Listening is a very important skill that a lot of people in this fast paced world we live in have forgotten how to do properly. Have a conversation with someone who doesn’t blurt out everything but rather replies to what you are saying and it’s inspirational.

If you could swap places with one person (dead or alive) for a day who would it be?

Too many people but to pick one at random – Salvador Dali? I would love to understand how his crazy mind works to create such imaginative artwork and what his studio had been like. Also, he lived by the sea, in a beautiful part of northern Spain, so if I couldn’t work out the arty side of things, I could amble down to the quiet sunny beach and enjoy some jamon and cava!

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